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Benefits of training and certification for the company is definitely very influential contribution to the company and employees in particular.

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Benefits of training for the company is definitely very influential contribution to the company and employees in particular. for companies that have a long-term orientation. requires training that is conducted continuously and programmed in accordance with the need of each division or team work within the division and management which will increase efficiency and business development, while for employees will improve the skills, expertise, innovation and high performance in the works.

more than that our company is well aware that the training which required in the industry shiuld have been started early years before graduation with customized level of competence. by preparing graduates with sufficient training course can prospective future man power which equipped with training course can quickly adapt to the working environment and of course very influential for the advance of the company

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To be the leading company in the training and consulting industry by providing high-quality service which will enhance more values to our customers thus they can continue growing for the advancement of industry, education and society.

To build workplace environment as convenient place and safe for employees and stakeholders. 

To provide our customers with an excellent  quality service.



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Benefit Of Training for Organization  

The end result will normally be better business environment which will also be better accepted by those whom they affect since they will feel part of these changes.

This can only lead to savings of time and money, better morale and better co-operation.

This Certification Assistance Program is our advance program to support rapid change and growth in present industries.

We assist company to provide guidelines, training and assessment using international audit methodology to help company to address the issue in their system. Here are some system which included in this service : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SMK3, 5S Housekeeping and many more.

Increased productivity

Reduction of errors & accidents

Reduction of turnover and absenteeism

Less supervision

Elimination of Wastage

Economy in Materials Handling

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